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Ajawavi J. Ajavon  is the founder and Executive Director of DAB Mediation Consultant, LLC, and Every Man Counts, she has over 10 years’experience as a professional mediator/arbitrator in family court, superior court and federal courts. She has mediated over 3200 cases involving divorce, custody, landlord/tenant, workplace,
criminal misdemeanor and juvenile.

Ms. Ajavon was featured in Synergy an ADR newsletter, Hip Hop Forum internet magazine,  which is syndicated throughout the world, and was awarded Woman of Perseverance 2015 by the Women Business Center. In addition to her many attributes, she works diligently with several international NGO’s, to promote domestic violence awareness, literacy programs, provide school supplies and scholarships.

Aja has delivered more than 100 trainings, and workshops at conferences and with a wide range of helping agencies and professionals in 10 states, Puerto Rico, Liberia, and Ghana. She is passionate about helping
Single and re-entry fathers understand their right and responsibilities in family court.

She is currently an Adjunct professor at Wilmington University where she teaches conflict management, mediation skills and family violence. She is a member of Delaware Domestic Violence Women of Color Task Force (WOCTF), a member of the International Gender Base Violence group (IGBV) and the Director of International Affairs for the Delaware Complexity of Colors.

Ajawavi is a proud single parent of three wonderful children, Davide, Antonio & Brea (DAB)
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